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Quick fix

Rebuild school in one week!

Students at GO! in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw will be surprised Monday when they return to school. After all, all classes will be found on the other side of the playground. A feat performed by Warsco from Genk/Zutendaal to make way for a new construction project by Vanderstraeten in Lummen....

Here's the thing: Vanderstraeten is going to build a new school in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, but on that site there were no less than 650 m2 of temporary classrooms in units from Warsco. "To make sure the students would not be made homeless by the works, we moved the entire school in one day's time," says Marc Warson of Warsco. "Normally this is done one unit at a time, but since such a thing is impossible in a week's time, we moved several units at a time. This involved a 300-ton crane, which could lift a weight of 15 tons at a height of 35 meters. In one day the job was done, so we now have 3 more days to make all the connections and get the complex operational again by Monday."

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