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What transport options are available?

Warsco units can fit on a box truck, if it can take at least the unit length + 12 m. Other available options include our crane trucks and telescopic crane.

View our instructional videos below.

What must I tell you before my unit is delivered?

Please check and inform us of the following:

  • Check whether the delivery site can be accessed with a heavy vehicle.
  • Can we unload the unit using cables, or is a crane required?
  • What distance must the crane cover?
  • Are there obstacles in the way, whether aerial or land based? (power cables!)
  • Is the surface sufficiently level and stable for a unit? If this is not the case, foundations must be built.

What can I do during the delivery of my unit?

  • Please note any issues you observe on the delivery note!
  • A separate diagram is mounted by the electrical box for connecting the power.
  • When connecting sanitary fittings, avoid getting any sand or dirt in the waterpipes.
  • The water heater must first be filled with water before being switched on.
  • Regular unit maintenance will benefit both hygiene and health.
  • Please notify us immediately of any damage or defects. Our service team will repair them. We cannot accept costs for repairs performed by third parties and they will not be deducted from the rental price.